Customers Come First

As a professional auctioneer, I am responsible for both the buyer and seller. My job is to represent both with the utmost honesty and integrity. Trust that your items, whether a single item or a house full, will be treated with care and sold via the web with you in mind. I am a commission-based company that doesn't get paid if you don't get paid. I will do my very best to represent your items to achieve the highest sale price.

Free Consultation

I can provide you with a free consultation to help you figure out the best course of action to sell your items. I can come to your home/business or you can email/text pictures of your items. We provide complete auction services which can include just one item or entire estates or businesses.

Consigning to

We sell all manner of personal and business property, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, furniture and decorative accessories, ceramics and glass, rugs and art works, tools and appliances, books and ephemera, stamps, coins and currency, sports equipment, office furniture -­ anything of value.

We will usually decline the following items:

  • Smelly or overly stained items (pet urine, mold, food etc.)
  • Particle board furniture (such as kit form computer desks and work stations)
  • Box springs, mattresses and used bed linens
  • Used clothing, except for vintage, designer label & Sports Team items
  • Mismatched kitchen glasses, cups, battered pots and pans
  • Fluffy toys / stuffed toys
  • Appliances, electronics and power tools that are not in working condition
  • Pornographic magazines and DVD’s
  • Any item that we think is either yard sale quality or should be donated

All items consigned to us must be in clean condition. Please remove any garage sale type labels, regular price stickers from original sale are fine (but remove 1/2 off and stickers like that please).

Provide a list of what you brought in (typed, nicely handwritten or send us an electronic list) of the items you are consigning. If you know anything about the history of any of the items, please write the information down and give it to us. Something like “Murano Italian glass vase with floral theme bought new in 1980’s”, will help a lot more than: “glass vase”. Sometimes knowing where it came from can bring better money. But if it's a box of misc items, like a group of vintage kitchen items, just say that. This will also help us write a better headline for your items to attract attention.

COMMISSIONS: per item/lot sold.

40% under $49.99

30% $50 - $299.99

25% $300 - $999.99

20% Over $1000

Handling an Estate

At this time we are not doing normal estate work. But, if you have an estate that has good collectibles, jewelry, coins, antiques, art, etc., we can usually pick these up and auction them. We have other companies that can work with us to clean out the house of items for donation, etc. This usually makes it faster and you end up receiving more money for the better items than you would at a regular estate sales where they may have a couple hundred people, at most, go through the home on a weekend. We usually get over 50,000 views per auction and 500+ bidders.

We know you are having a hard time handling the estate and want to be there as a helping hand to relieve you of much of the burden. This frees up the home for sale or use by another family member in a much quicker method than any other party can offer. Why do a garage sale, spend weeks going over items, haggling with strangers and making garage sale prices when we can sell your items to our large local database of buyers and national audience through online auctions?

COMMISSIONS: per item/lot sold:

50% under $49.99

40% $50 - $299.99

30% $300 - $999.99

20% Over $1000

Upfront cost will be taken out of consignor’s consignment payments.

Business Selling/Consignment

The owner, Al Raines, has started over 40 small businesses, including the Vancouver Business Journal, so knows what you’re going through. Maybe you want to clean out the storage room of equipment or stock you don’t need anymore. That would fall under the consignment arena. Quite a few businesses buy from us on a normal basis and you can get a good price for your items without having to go through all the hassle.

If you need to liquidate an entire business or a large portion (moving sale anyone?), you may need an on-site auction, special on-line auction just for your company or have items moved to another location to facilitate the sale. Contact Al directly and he’ll help you figure something to make it all go smoother and more profitable.